Global Opportunities Hub is Ghana’s leading education consultant that undertakes students’ recruitment from India for its 450+ Institution partners across the globe.

While serving since 2018, we have sent 300+ students to different renowned education institutions in the world to accomplish their study abroad dream and secure their future by acquiring international degrees.

Moreover, we have expertise in major countries, including China, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia and many more.

We offer free education counselling and other additional support required to get tertiary education abroad.

With a massive network of 10+ partner study abroad agencies in Ghana, we have an office near to every study abroad aspirant, where our dedicated counsellors and support department works enthusiastically to provide the best education consulting services in Ghana throughout every intake.

Education systems abroad are more about learning practicality and enhancing different skills like language skills, personality development, situation handling skills, interpersonal skills, etc. required to win at every opportunity and dilemma of life.

Likewise, recruiters in the global market want candidates who are educated and skilled to overcome from any rigid situation during work to benefit the organization.

Henceforth, if you possess an aim to study abroad then contact with our education counsellors to get instant help for all your international education queries by dialling our number +233575050156 or by filling the form below, you will submit an application to register with Global Opportunities Hub and receive a quick call back.